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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz


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Tony once again alluding to the Jazz being hesitant to trade Clarkson.

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I read the tweet and immediately thought of JC.

I mean, his trade value isn't great so we may as well keep him. He'd be good for the tank as well.

Bogie has good value and I think a contender is going to want him; he's definitely worth a first and some change, even if for but one season.

I think Conley is going to be tougher to move and if it happens we won't exactly like what we get in return.


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I think the Jazz and Lakers are in the trenches of PR/leverage warfare. Much like the Knicks deal that didn’t end up happening, the stare down is a free tactic until training camp. We’ll see what happens as we get nearer.

I have my doubts that Danny’s gonna be able to even land stars in a trade in their supposed plan cuz the dude just cultivates grievance and it’s easy to miss out when good faith is in short supply.
I mean I don't think Danny is hated by other executives they will deal with him because he pretty much will sell anything for the right price, it just means that the price may be a little more expensive. He's the NBA equivillant of Walgreens when you need that second tier SG at 3 in the morning.


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So either Dame wants Porty to trade for Vando or he coming to Utah!!!!

Not really a rumor per se but thought it was super random and worth noting here. I think Vando is worth a pick and I'd prolly cash in but I don't think we are going to sell him right now.

Vanderbilt is exactly what we lacked the last couple of years as a verstatile, switchable, athletic 6'9 wing/forward. I'd just keep him especially since he's making peanuts.