UFC 114 - Rampage vs. Evans


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Not really excited. Should be a good one though. I spent $100+ on UFC last month so I backed off of this one. Also didn't Forrest pull out of this one for injury?

Definitely getting Lesnar/Carwin but considering 115.


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I have to say that I was excited for this whole card. Here's what I mean:
1) The return of Nightmare 'Dirty' Sanchez, (oh man, he's gonna CREAM this no-name new guy)
2) My first good look at Little Nog since the Pride days, (oh man, another *** kicking -- kinda feel bad for the guy he's going to kill; rookie, short notice, whole world against him, etc.)
3) I get to watch Michael "The Cunning Runt" Bisping get smacked around and submitted by a legit BJJ black belt.
4) I get to see two up and coming HW's throw down -- one of them owning the UFC record for fastest knockout, the other a solid BJJ black belt.
5) And of course, I get to see some Black on Black crime. Boo ya.

----------------------------- what really happened -----------------------------------

1) Sanchez came out slow and out of shape. Got rocked early and often, couldn't get the fight to the ground, couldn't handle the new guys speed and power. Long boring decision loss. Dammit, I'm 0-1 on the card.
2) "Little Nog" looked more like "Old Log", as in, "The one I pinched out this afternoon that looked like a 73 year old Brazilian" -- He looked SO bad that I was cheering for the no-name guy throughout the third round, and BOOOOO'D when he was robbed on that decision. I originally wanted Nog, but he looked horrid. On the flip side, I've got a new favorite underdog to cheer for -- dude was classy in defete.
3) I thought that since the dude was saying pre fight, "I'm gonna submit him!" etc, that he'd at least ATTEMPT a submission. Wrong. A slightly entertaining fight, since we saw a couple of haymakers connect, but again, another boring 3 round decision.
4) Obviously, I was cheering for the flabby white guy. What a terribly boring fight... right until Mr. Flab knocked muscle-boy out cold and shocked the world.
5) Words can't describe how disappointed I was with this so-called 'grudge match'. SO much trash talk before the fight, and not one drop afterword. I hate both of these fighters, but was looking forward to some fireworks and some mad trash talkin by the winner -- instead we got ANOTHER long boring decision with both fighters not taking a SINGLE opportunity to talk smack to each other. What a terrific waste of time.

Overall, one of the worst cards I've ever seen. If I wanted to watch fight after fight stay on their feet and go to a decision, I'd watch Boxing. There wasn't a SINGLE good submission attempt all night long. Not one! The grappling was non-existent, and the stand-up was Strikeforce quality. The prelims on SPIKE were more entertaining, imo. However, I can't wait to watch Sho Gun just BATTER Rashad's legs and body with kicks. He's gonna wipe that ****y *** cheese-dick grin off of his **** catching face.

Highlight of the night? The Mirko Crocop interview: "Right leg, hospital. Left leg, cemetery." Gods, I LOVE that guy.