We need some general rules for posters who routinely engage in “bad faith” discussion tactics.


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I understand that and agree. Even a post here and there represents a trend that we typically take action on as needed. Just report them with context and we will take action when appropriate. There are many times we get various reports that we go back and look at the whole scenario and combine into warnings as a result even though a given post may not be necessarily egregious.

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the entire general discussion forum should be renamed the bad faith forum with the thriller the moderator. i'm seriously laughing my *** off

Lord Bullingdon

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lmaooooo this thread. If ur mad about someone distorting the threads, choose better words to illustrate the distortion for all in the thread to see... dont go crying to the mods about it...


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I can't say I've acted in bad faith butI just get so angry with some of the dumb political positions people take. I also think, however, that there is so much disinformation and misinformation being peddled that we have entered a period of cognitive dissonance. It's polluting our democracy. Not just on Jazzfanz but our political leaders are acting likewise. We can't agree to disagree any longer and try to compromise on issues. It has paralyzed our political system and has created increasing conflict within the electorate. If it continues to increase, we will be faced with a Civil War.