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Wemby watch

How dumb is our front office for not tanking properly last year.

Wemby looks unbelievable.

I've talked to jazz fans who say a 14% chance of getting him wasn't worth it. Those people are clowns for thinking that. The spurs are going to be contenders for the next 10 years because of a single player.

We will struggle with rebuilding and probably draft a clown like Kanter if we ever get a top 3 pick again. What a nightmare situation we are in.
Knicks fans chanted "overrated" Dumbasses Think that he won't remember that every time he plays at MSG when he's the best player in the league ?
Ive not watched the game but KAT had 28, interested to see how he plays against the likes of Embiid.
That pass at 1:44. His bag of tricks is insane. Either hand for anything, off-balance shots, using the glass at will, finding open man, spin moves, etc. His arsenal is unlimited because he has such supreme balance, quickness and great hands.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LADSLtqPap4
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