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What are Republicans doing to Unify the country?

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What are Republicans doing to unify the country? For some reason, failing to vote for covid relief (supported by majorities from both Republican and Democratic voters), building a golden statue of Trump, and THIS aren’t going to unify the country:

The video clip above, what do you think this will accomplish? What does this do to the crazies who are on the edge of doing something awful? It’s not like we’ve seen violence due to Fox News’ disinformation lately...

Biden and the Democrats can only do so much. How is our democracy supposed to function when one party has given up on democracy? When one party is supported by a massive disinformation propaganda arm of the media?
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This was posted by a Republican Rep about the ouster of Cheney from leadership. She was dropped for not peddling "The Big Lie."

So I ask again, what are Republicans doing to unite the country? What are they doing to work with President Biden? We hear so often what Democrats aren't doing (the media makes it sound like Biden is the worst President ever because life isn't perfect in the world). But what are Republicans actually trying to do? Other than lie about the last election, kissing Donald's errr "ring", making it harder to vote, obstruct everything they can from Biden, and punishing Republicans who tell the truth about the last election, what are they doing?

Are they doing anything to improve your life? Strengthen our democracy? Be leaders?
The Liz Cheney thing is disturbing.

She's fire-breathing conservative - objectively more conservative than Trump and yet they're sacrificing her for no other purpose than to perpetuate a lie.
I'm not sure what the R strategy is these days - Cheney was removed yet people like Gaetz and Greene run wild. For a party preaching morals, none are to be found.

Actually, I take that back, the R's do have a strategy - it's simply doing whatever Trump tells them to do. He is the party now and nothing but fealty will be accepted. They've made their deal with the devil and now there's no way out.

Republicans are constantly calling out cancel culture as toxic yet sure love to engage in it themselves.

My guess is we'll see some of the more moderate R's disengage from the party entirely - I think Romney will go Independent at some point as I don't think he will do another term.
Why won’t Cheney just let things go? Well gee, it might have something to do with stuff like this:

Cheney is in trouble for… *checks notes* telling the truth about the 2020 election and not spreading ******** lies like the stuff above about the Jan 6 insurrection
Cheney is in trouble for… *checks notes* telling the truth about the 2020 election and not spreading ******** lies like the stuff above about the Jan 6 insurrection

Pretty much.

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Refusing to investigation the attempted insurrection is definitely going to help unite the country…
I'm sure this just isn't the right time. Maybe it's too soon to talk about it. Or maybe it's just time we moved on. Or maybe we're just not investigating it the "right" way. No way it could just be an attempt to avoid the truth.
What are Republicans doing to unify the country? This story is nuts

Republicans do field some smoking hot candidates.

As for the guy threatening to kill the lovely Ms. Luna, I don't think he was even a candidate. He was a stalker whom Luna had taken out a restraining order against. After the restraining order, Braddock told a local newspaper that he planned to run for office but he never actually filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Stalkers are no joke. My wife has had at least 3 she's known of.
In your own words, what is it that you don't like about Ron DeSantis?
What difference does it make? He was/is a Trumpublican. Reason enough. If he was the type of leader who demonstrated in his words how much he would like to see the warring sides in the culture wars seek out common ground, engage in a dialog that hopes for compromise, hopes for healthy resolutions, help warring Americans find a way forward as a unified people, if he, or any Trumpublican, spoke words that inspire, not divide, that I could respect. But I don’t see that. Maybe he’s a more competent demagogue than Trump. That’s an unnerving thought. Sounds like he’ll seek the nomination. He was as anti-science as Trump was during the height of the pandemic. Owning the libs is as much a part of his political DNA as any of the Trumpublicans. So, what’s to like? Not asking, because I don’t care.
In your own words, what is it that you don't like about Ron DeSantis?
If he beat out Trump for the 2024 nomination, I admit I would have to see that as a positive. At least initially. I just think he represents a reactionary movement in this country that is mostly visible in the culture wars, but also in the Trumpublicans moves at the state level with their election “reform” measures. I don’t see him calling out the Big Lie, making him part of the problem, not the solution. It’s no surprise to me that we are living in a tumultuous era, this is the kind of stress we should expect in a society and culture undergoing change in its self image, and trying to establish who we are as a nation. That seems to be the situation in a nutshell. We are engaged in trying to decide who we are as a people and nation, and I see DeSantis as aligned with reactionary, and anti-democratic forces.
We are engaged in trying to decide who we are as a people and nation, and I see DeSantis as aligned with reactionary, and anti-democratic forces.
Nothing DeSantis has done worries me that much, but that bar has been set rather low recently.

The Democrat I see as the equivalent to Florida governor DeSantis is California governor Newsom. I don’t see DeSantis or Newsom as able to beat their current party heads, both Trump and Biden will have to decide not to run in 2024. I tend to judge DeSantis by contrasting him against Newsom, and between the two I know which one worries me more.

Gavin Newsom is an authoritarian, straight up. If you want real fascism, Gavin is your guy. Governor Newsom has used something called the California Emergency Services Act to effectively dissolve the entire Legislative Branch of California. It isn’t as if they were even in the way. Gavin’s party has filibuster-proof supermajorities in both the California House and Senate.

Gavin Newsom is unilaterally striking down laws he doesn’t think should exist, and creating new ones all by himself. Even the state budget is unilaterally created by Gavin Newsom. I don’t think the California House and Senate are even rubber stamping it. Newsome just says what the budget is, cites DREOA (Disaster Response-Emergency Operations Act) and then it is. Now that the pandemic is winding down, Newsom has made it crystal clear that he is not relinquishing his emergency powers.

Given the way California has set up the election process, the political leaders are determined by funding rather than popularity. California has legalized a practice called ballot harvesting. Ballots do not need to be collected at polling locations. Parties can pay ballot harvesters to go out to groups at their homes over wherever they gather, watch individuals fill out the ballots, offer helpful voting tips, collect those ballots, and then the ballot harvesters can turn those ballots in on the behalf of the voter. If the ballots voting the wrong way accidently fall into the trash on the way to being dropped off, then oops.

The practice of ballot harvesting is so effective, they turned Orange County blue. That would be like holding a vote at the Sundance Film Festival and reporting the majority of everyone there supported Trump. The people who can afford the most ballot harvesters are whomever the Silicon Valley tech companies want to win.

I’m not going to try to convince you to vote for DeSantis. I know you’d take Newsom every day of the week because he will be running as a democrat. I’m just saying that if you like democracy, real democracy, and you think the US should have 3 branches of government with checks and balances on power rather than concentrating all power in the hands of a single person, then you could do a lot worse than Ron DeSantis.