What does Gobert need to do to get some run this year?


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I thought Gobert looked very solid last year in summer league. And this year is no different. In fact, in the games I've watched he's been a game changer when he's on the floor. The moment he steps off you start counting the minutes until he returns.

But, he barely got off the bench last season.

I'm wondering if he'll be buried there again. I doubt he can space the floor enough to play with Favors, so I would imagine that those two won't share a lot of court time limiting Goberts minutes yet again. Although I could enjoy watching a Favors/Gobert tandem on the other end of the floor.

So, what does he need to do to get that game changing presence onto the floor for 30+ minutes a night during the regular season?


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Make his foul shots.

Run the floor.

Stay out of foul trouble if he can.

Make his defensive rotations.

Cy got it.

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He needs to build up that core strength so he can hold his ground and his balance would improve. They need to get him training in martial arts or yoga or something similar.

And when he catches the ball he needs to catch it high and just toss it in. Rather then trying to bring it down first.

That is about it. He seems to be playing more within himself this summer. Not trying to do too much. Which is huge.


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simple. play well when he gets some minute. i believe he will.

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I'll be shocked if Snyder glues his *** to the bench like Corbin did. Jeremy too. I've always chalked it up to Corbin trying to bring key guys along in strictly defined roles, but those days are gone.

Gobert, Evans, everyone gonna play some exciting ball next year. They're going to remind you of the past few years of Washington Wizard teams -- hyper athletic, run and gunners, nightly surprises, but still lose a lot of games to the point that fans across the nation scratch their heads in wonder.