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When does the Hockey Team become the favorite team in the state of Utah?

When does the Hockey Team overtake the Jazz as the most popular team in the state

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Bawse Dawg

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I'm sure many of you have an answer in mind as soon as you opened the thread. But I do think this is something worth considering. I won't pretend I am locked into the community, but I have lived here my whole life and feel like I have a decent grasp on how the sports fans around here feel.

This state will ****ing love hockey and everything about the league. They will LOVE how it is everything the NBA isn't; Player empowerment, super teams, super star driven, load management, etc. This sport has none of that. The first good playoff series this team plays, the state will be hooked for life. I just feel like everything about it appeals to the average Utah fan, especially when compared to the NBA.

I have a friend who has two toddler sons. He is not a hard core sports fan, but he LOVES local teams and is psyched about the hockey team. I'm already just thinking about explaining the game to him and I just know he'll go nuts for it. His sons would never bother with basketball. But I can totally see skating lessons happening and youth hockey taking off in the state as a result of the hockey team. It is much more accessible for average bodied white people than something like basketball.

Not trying to influence polling too much. But to me it actually seems inevitable that Utah latches onto hockey as simply being a better product than the NBA, because it is. The Jazz could be floundering for years, while the hockey team could compete for the playoffs in a sport with infinitely more parity right away. I think the state will go nuts for the sport. But maybe I'm crazy.
I live in Phoenix and have been to several Coyotes games. Growing up in Alaska I played a little hockey. It's an incredibly fun sport to watch in person. Unlike a lot of other sports, NHL games tend to bring in a lot of hard core fans, and less casual fans. So everyone is engaged, yelling, etc. It's a fun environment and I'd recommend people go to a live game.
one of the few 'next ten years' votes here. i think people are starting to tire of the entitled nba player's attitudes, and if hockey is more real, it will thrive. also, players will actually want to come here instead of us having to beg them/trade for them. i'm so tired of nba players bolting the second their contract is up.
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They'll be gone in 5-7 years when the novelty money dries up. Once it isn't a novelty anymore they'll see there isn't enough of a fan base to carry it.
They'll be gone in 5-7 years when the novelty money dries up. Once it isn't a novelty anymore they'll see there isn't enough of a fan base to carry it.