Who is the worst Jazz player of all time?


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In another thread I see people talking about how Tomic is not good enough to be on an NBA roster. Over the years, I've seen some TERRIBLE NBA players that surely Tomic can't be as bad as. Using the entire NBA might be too broad, so I decided to limit this question to, who is the worst Jazz player of all time? I'm sure we can come up with several that would be much worse for a roster than Tomic would be. ENJOY!!!
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Jose Ortiz, Delaney Rudd, Stephan Howard, Luther Wright, Todd Fuller, Pete Chilcutt, John Amaechi, Morris Almond.

Rusty LaRue had some nice moments for the Jazz in 2002.


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There are so many dudes who bottomed out the suck meter but Borchardt does really stick out. He looked like his parents made him dress up as a basketball player for Halloween and he was gonna pout until he got home. Fish. Out. Of. Water.


My All-Time Worst Utah* Jazz Team:

First Team
PG - Eric Johnson
SG - Mo Almond
C - Luther Wright
PF - Pete Chilcutt (LVP)
SF - Devin Brown

Second Team
PG - Brooks Thompson
SG - Raja Bell, Rd.2
C - John Amaechi
PF - Walter Palmer
SF - Bernard King**

11th man - Todd Fuller
12th man - Tim Legler

These twelve players brought NOTHING to the Jazz and were completely worthless.

* I didn't follow the New Orleans Jazz so I can't comment
** I could have made an entire roster of Utah Jazz players, circa 1979-1983 but decided on Bernard King. Yes, that Bernard King. The one who spent his brief Utah career on drugs and being charged with sexual battery.


Keefe was a poor man's Matt Harpring, who, incidentally, was a poor man's Adam Keefe.
Keefe didn't fall down as much, though he did have the biggest MLA in Jazz history when he missed a breakaway dunk in Game 6 of the 98 Finals. So the comparison is pretty good.


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I think you have to weigh in what was expected of each player. I remember KSL and the Jazz really blowing up the fact that they landed John Amaechi from the Magic. Little did we know, he would shot 30% a game for both seasons he was in Utah. He was completely useless and a waste of cap space. No idea why we signed him in the first place