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Who will be the Jazz's MVP this season?

Who will be the Jazz's MVP this season?

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I went with Fontecchio. I think he has a lot of upside and will hopefully fall under Luka's 'it's easier to score in the NBA' belief.

Of course, Sexton and Markannen are going to score in droves as well.


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MVP in terms of traditional stats will be Sexton.
MVP in terms of + / - will be Vanderbilt

I liked what Numberica said though. MVP as far as team goals (losing a lot of games) will be THT.

The Jazz Wonderbra

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Tom Chambers 2.0
Lauri is maturing. I can see why Cavs fans will miss him.

He looked like a Brook Lopez had a one night stand with Dirk and they had a love child. Not as sweet a shooter as Dirk. Not as unathletic as Brooks. Some of each of their qualities. Meelikee.


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I'd guess that it's Sexton, he'll have the ball in his hands basically all the time and should be near the top of the league in scoring

Eddie Zero

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Depends on what you want this team to be this season. If it is a team that could fight for a play in spot, and attract Myles Turner in UFA next offseason, then its either Sexton or Markannen leading an offensive unit that can win. But if it is them taking a tank ride, I guess you have to let Fontechhio play like you only love once.