With no home court advantage ...


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What's the difference between the 7th and the 4th seed?

Seriously the Jazz should be focused on developing players and not worry about winning. During these play in games.

A little better draft position might be better off down the road.

Now obviously when the playoffs start then it is the winner takes all.


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I am afraid we are going to slip further than that. Our entire game plan right now is predicated on under-sized guards hitting mid-range shots consistently and our 3 pt shooter shooting lights out. That is not a great recipe for success, and it will likely fail more often than succeed. Until we get a legit 3rd option, and rediscover our defensive identity, we are going to consistently be a mediocre fringe playoff team.

TBH I am getting tired of it. Year after year.

I will admit that at least they finally did swing for the fences, which is better than nothing, even if it ended up being a catastrophic triple play off a grounder in the dirt at the catcher's feet.