Wood to Hou


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Wow. Really interested to see his performance this season. Great pickup for Houston. Could play stretch 5 on their contender, but also young enough if they go into rebuild mode. He’s a gamble though so I still am glad with Favs. Favs will integrate quickly, and is a known factor for continued high quality output.


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That athleticism, that mobility to switch on 3-5, that ability to stretch the floor... Totally not a good fit for the Jazz

Ben Wightman

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The fact that the guy I most wanted the Jazz to go after, signed with the franchise that shall not be named for the exact same contract we offered Favors (who I love), irks me like no other...

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Did Jazz try for Wood or Portis who have size plus shooting or just go straight for favors? Woods Houston contract much smaller than I would’ve guessed

Lord Bullingdon

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This is such a good landing spot for Wood IMO. Pretty cheap deal IMO too compared to the big #'s they are gonna try to squeeze out of him.


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Wood is better than Favors right now and got the same exact money. I like Favors but Wood is a WAY better fit