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Would it be possible to add more reaction options?


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Right now we have the option to react with a "like," "love," "haha," "wow," "sad," "angry" and "dislike."

Does the software allow for additional options?

I'd like to see a few more. A compassion emoji for those times when someone posts something sad or even tragic where it isn't appropriate to post a smiling hearts in its eyes emoji. A "hmm" or "interesting" emoji to show that a post is thought provoking even if you don't "like" it. And finally, a "sick" emoji to express disgust that is not the same as anger. Anyway, no biggie, just an idea.




Can we add a couple more? I find myself regularly looking for these guys on lots of posts:

Some version of the eye roll emoji would be cool: :rolleyes:

Some version of the smirking face emoji: 1666359914255.png

Other than the 2 above a couple others I had in mind were these:
Some version of the straight face emoji kind of thing maybe, idk this one isn't a big deal, just one I was looking for recently: 1666359955136.png

And of course a basketball emoji would be fun: 1666360077835.png
I'd like it if emojis/likes from blocked persons also wouldn't show in my feed/posts.

@Jason It would also be nice not to see threads from blocked members in the main community. I've clicked on them a few times only to see they are posted by one of the few idjits on here.

Edit: Also, if Jason can add a feature to allow me to block people in real life, that would be great. Thanks.
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