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Remember when they were challenged on the exit interviews last year and both were testy and bit defiant.......they stood up for themselves.
Both came back and immediately showed a stronger presence to Jazz management and Jazz faithful.Now both may be out 2 to 4 months YET you can't give up on them because they could be really friggin good. Holy smack.Hood nailed 3 3's and a 2 and had confidence flowing through him.Exum was blowing by everyone and it was easy.6'6 PG and 6'8 SG that are young and understanding they can excel in the NBA.We're lucky and supremely unlucky.Their RFA's ,man talk about rolling the dice on these two !


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I really wish a poster wasn't allowed to start a thread until they had something like 15 rep power.

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Yes wth Hood dropped 20 in 23 minutes... and then has to leave with a "calf strain" it's like they don't even try.