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Yeah I went there.......

I can't wait for the picture that gets taken next season. Boozer at the free throw line and there's a close up insert of a kid eating a popsicle, with the caption "Jazz fans eat popsicles to ridicule Boozer's son's Sickle Cell Anemia".

I see this headline far more realistic: "Jazz fans embrace former player by chanting his name".
Me, I've always been an optimist.

Without the lie, we wouldn't have been blessed with the "Fisher Lied" chicks.
Chicago's street vendors are makin a killin already with a Pizza they call the "Boozer Face." Didn't take nuthin new, neither, they used to just call it "pepperoni."
Boozer just landed a Proactive deal. His commercials with Jessica Simpson and Julianne Hough coming soon.....