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1. I Don't Like Buyout Season

The buyout market is, in my opinion, two degrees short of an abomination. In year's past but significantly so this season, it short-circuits activity leading up to the trade deadline, allowing teams that can otherwise afford to part ways with a long-term asset the opportunity to add players without any risk.

Why shouldn’t the Philadelphia 76ers have to give the Atlanta Hawks some sort of compensation? Atlanta shrewdly acquired Marco Belinelli's expiring contract in a Dwight Howard trade; the system should be set up to force interested buyers to offer some piece(s) that can add momentum to their rebuild.

Why should the Boston Celtics not have to surrender a single draft pick for Greg Monroe? Doesn’t it make more sense to let the Sacramento Kings take calls for Joe Johnson? It's obviously more complicated than that, and a disproportionate trade market crossed with the Golden State Warriors' shadow surely factored into the lack of transactions.

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Large salaries would hold up most contenders from being able to afford players like Monroe, but maybe we can sidestep this dilemma by implementing a rule that draws from the amnesty clause: Each season all 30 teams can shop one contract on their books to anybody else—whether they’re capped out, above the tax, whatever—without having to match salaries.

For example, the Suns know they can’t get anything for Monroe, so they use this hypothetical provision on his deal and then move him to whichever team offers the most attractive assets. Monroe would come off Phoenix’s cap but the Suns would still pay him whatever’s left on the contract, while his new team would take him on for the veteran’s minimum.

This isn’t a perfect...
Three thoughts on the defensive plays that won the game for the Jazz, the Derrick Favors/Joe Ingles pick and roll play that was printing money for the Jazz (with an assist from Rudy Gobert), and overall thoughts on the Jazz's 10-game winning streak.

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Utah Jazz (@utahjazz) February 12, 2018. “Unbelievable,” Crowder said. “These guys have welcomed me since I walked through the door. And playing on the court with them is very very very fun. I got back to having fun playing basketball with a great group of guys. It couldn't happen no better. …

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Kevin Pelton joins David Locke to review the Utah Jazz 2nd half blow out of the Portland Trailblazers. They talk about the addition of Jae Crowder, the evolution of Joe Ingles, the defense of Rudy Gobert and the youngster Donovan Mitchell

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During the Jazz’s season-best eight-game winning streak, no one has been hotter than point guard Ricky Rubio.

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