1. Chad Feldheimer

    John McCain Has Brain Cancer

    Brain cancer jokes are hilarious!!!
  2. Chad Feldheimer

    Woj on Utah on the Russillo Show

    I hear Boston is interested:cool:
  3. Chad Feldheimer

    Hayward to Boston

    Who really believes he didn't decide this a long time ago?
  4. Chad Feldheimer

    Rude-y Gobert's tweet straight pissing off Heat and Celtics fans

    IT is now Larry Bird. Didn't you hear?
  5. Chad Feldheimer

    Hayward Staying or Going?

    He already tried to leave once. Now he can leave for a potentially better situation. He gone.
  6. Chad Feldheimer

    The Return of Deron Williams?

    10M from the Mavs + no state income tax in TX help make up a lot of that.
  7. Chad Feldheimer

    Hot Rod Phrases

    hammer dunk leapin' leaner yo-yo dribble in yo face mama I remember Hot Rod saying these. Not sure if he borrowed them or not. Maybe some Chick-isms.
  8. Chad Feldheimer

    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    13/16 of Sweet 16. Not too bad.
  9. Chad Feldheimer

    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    I got UAB but not much else.
  10. Chad Feldheimer

    Utah Jazz starting 5 is a full year younger than BYU starting 5.

    Jazz cap situation is actually pretty good don't you think? The only guy in the core not signed for more than 2 years is Gobert. But Jazz should have enough to sign him easily.
  11. Chad Feldheimer

    Would you trade Hayward for Melo?

    Can I trade Melo again right away?
  12. Chad Feldheimer

    Burks 4 year $42 million extension!

    Jazz should have signed Steph Curry instead for 4yr/44M