1. Chris

    Ponies for a Horse

    I am a massive fan of the Mike Conley trade. We traded ponies for a horse and if we do this right, acquire a value-add scoring FA big/wing, and Lady Luck shows up (i.e. a clean sheet injury-wise), we could be in the the Western Conference Finals this very season. This move will probably begin...
  2. Chris

    What a wet fart of a Game 1

    The Jazz had no life, Ingles was non-existent, and they looked like a JV team out there versus the Rockets. I'm 2 hours ahead of most of you and it was against my better judgment to stay up to watch what I knew would be more of the same after the first quarter was over. We had no answer for...
  3. Chris

    Major props from a Boston fan

    I am both a Utah Jazz and a Boston Celtics fan. I love the teams that both squads are building.
  4. Chris

    I got around to making a Hype Video for 2016-17

    Nice job, OP!
  5. Chris

    I Think More Deals Are Coming Down

    I think with the team as constituted and with a PG coming off a major injury, that it's a wise expenditure of talent, especially considering the fact that they have a few potential combo guards, depending on the lineup, depending on the game.
  6. Chris

    The Official Kendal Marshall Appreciation thread

    I also thought he would be a great pick for the Jazz but the Suns struck first. Glad that didn't work out for the Jazz's sake. But I'm surprised he never seemed to take the next step.
  7. Chris

    Jazz will have 1 less fan next season

    I'm just reading this now. I'm so sorry for your loss. Best wishes in the days to come.
  8. Chris

    Hayward still unhappy?

    Just speculation on my part, but I would imagine that he must have given them some indication that he will re-sign if they are so adamant about not trading him.
  9. Chris

    Please join me in congratulating Hayward on his new baby girl!!

    I'm sorry...exactly how are we going to be congratulating him? Does he read JazzFanz?
  10. Chris

    The case for chasing Pau

    I was also thinking about this today. It would be nice. Don't think it'll happen, but I'd be all over it if it did. As things stand, Gobert's agent is in Utah to extend him with the Jazz so we'll see how much we have left over if the restructure pays Rudy significantly more in the upcoming...
  11. Chris

    Bye Bye Burke

    A second round pick in 2021??? That's honestly all we could get for him? WOW.
  12. Chris

    Joe Johnson Coming to Utah

    I like the signing for all of the same reasons as people already listed. If GS wants to dump Bogut (which they supposedly want to), I'd be down for that too as a backup 5. That would be a pretty decent lil offseason for the Jazz.
  13. Chris

    I agree with what appears to be the Jazz's off season plans

    Like many, I was initially not exactly excited about the Jazz NOT picking at #12, when we had been looking forward to the Draft for some time (I always do anyway). And because they traded away that pick and -- let's face it -- mailed this draft in potentially (we'll see in the years to come), we...