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    Phoenix Suns watch

    The way Curry is playing, it almost feels like there are 8 legitimate contenders in the West playoffs. We know what Dame can do in the postseason, there is no way anyone rules out the LA teams, you don't take easily on Luka and company, Suns and Jazz have obviously shown they will be tough to...
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    Quotes from Nuggets' forums-"Bojan went nuclear and we just didn't have an answer for it"

    That is quite possibly the worst take in the history of bad takes
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    Official Utah Jazz 2021 Championship Boat!!!

    Well, just dumped Devonte Graham for Darius Bazley, but as long as AD says he might play some, I think he'll stay. He's probably on that cursed can't-drop-list too. I'm expecting a bunch of blocks from Rudy. That would be neat.
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    Official Utah Jazz 2021 Championship Boat!!!

    So do I, that wasn't a particularly good pick... The upside is I'm probably the main reason he's been out so much.
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    Official Utah Jazz 2021 Championship Boat!!!

    Apparently AD indicates he's ready to go for Friday (which would be nice for my fantasy team), so we'll see. The Lakers situation might not be as bad as it looks, or it might be worse...
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    The Lakers are Going to End up as the #7 Seed

    I get that NBA teams want their injured players to be part of the team and all, but I never really understood that so many travel. Traveling takes time and isn't great for the body. I'm not sure dragging injured players along on road trips is good for their recovery. Of course, not being on...
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    Mare of Easttown on HBO

    It's excellent, can totally recommend.
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    What Became of Player Development?

    His little floater game looks pretty good, and of course a few nice drives and dunks, but I'm pretty sure the summer will be all about getting those threes to drop. They look pretty awful.
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    The Joe Ingles Repository

    How the **** Ingles beat DJ many times He’s been playing angry ever since the office got taken off Netflix. ^^ Nominate this one too
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    Phoenix Suns watch

    Btw, Rivers is a career 41.7% FG, 34.7% 3P shooter averaging 9 points in 24.4 minutes. Against us he is 47.8% FG, 44.6% 3P, 11.2 points in 25.4 minutes. He averages 11.9 vs Minnesota, but we're next.
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    Phoenix Suns watch

    So, the Jazz/Nuggets game will have backcourts of Austin Rivers, Campazzo, Shaq vs Forrest, Ingles, Clarkson instead of Murray and Barton vs Donovan and Conley...
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    I'm Worried About Clarkson

    I actually feel he's been looking rough for a long time. First half or so of the season, it felt like he never missed those small, weird floaters in the lane where he dribble for a while, then gets to his spot, then just shove it in. Since ~ASB, it feels like he misses those little push shots...
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    Game Thread Apr 28, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Kings Official

    There can't be many teams that can realistically roll a similar-sized lineup as we did at a point: Ingles, Niang, Bogey, Ersan, Gobert/Favors (can't remember which).
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    Shaq Harrison

    Certainly agree with this, I just felt that some of what I've seen seems a bit promising, but he definitely needs to a) get open enough to shoot and b) hit them. I'm not all that optimistic.