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    Quotes from around the league on 3X DPOY Rudy Gobert-"Can't get blocked shots if no one ever drives against you."

    Dr. JA is mightily enjoying her Jingles Dark Mode jersey. And the happiness of JA at every Jazz victory. And appreciates the appreciation.:)
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    Quotes from Clippers Game 2-"That Ingles layup off the top of the backboard broke my soul and won the game."

    That Ingles layup was the moment in the game I knew we were going to find a way to win. So demoralizing for the Clips.
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    Quotes from Clippers Game 2-"That Ingles layup off the top of the backboard broke my soul and won the game."

    His defense was definitely next level. A giant puzzle piece falling into place. Hope it is sustained!
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    Quotes Clippers' Game 1-"Damn that stadium is loud"

    I don't actually know how much time it takes, because I'm always sound asleep by the time he finishes. So I think the answer is indeed much more than we realize.
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    Game Thread May 31, 2021 07:30PM MT: Jazz at Grizzlies - Game 4

    Your wait is nearly over!!
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    Quotes from Grizzlies' forums after Game 2-"Rudy Gobert just went Old Testament Book of Mormon on Jonas AND Jaren"

    Don’t forget the clear back-court violation not called, which would have changed momentum. And both teams committed a lot of fouls— Abdul they missed a bunch on drives by Jazz players. And their third quarter offense was impressive.
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    Quotes from around the NBA on Gobert's block of Jokic's hook shot

    How ESPN didn't learn this lesson last summer is beyond me, regardless of Lakers' audience draw.
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    JazzAvenues is back!!

    And I get a little quiet time to myself.
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    Quotes from Rockets' forums-"The Jazz are jerks for making those threes."

    I was very disappointed there were no blinding uniforms comments. A totally demoralized fan base.
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    Internet trouble. Will post quotes tomorrow

    Reporting live: Internet is on this morning. Was asleep so can't vouch for JA. But I have never known him to lie. And I'm sure the quotes will be posted...soon.
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    Wow. Thank you!

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    Quotes from Heat forums-"oh my god i wanna cut my d*** off watching this"

    He doesn't have to play as many minutes and I bet that is making a difference in both his energy level and the strategy. I think he has always had it as a part of his game. Now it's just a bigger part.
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    Wow. Thank you!

    Now that would be something.
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    Wow. Thank you!

    Hey, JazzFanz JA fans: You’ve been Jingled! I grew up in NH, a diehard Celtics fan, and wore #20 in college. So, there was really no question what I would do with your most generous gift. Relax, just kidding. Seriously, I am touched beyond measure at your generosity, as is JA. And I am looking...