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  1. Tarkanian

    If not Rubio then what?

    If only Rubio could develop a solid jumper.... There are plays where he just stands with the ball and the D is just cloaking the paint and shutting the pass lines to the wings. If RR could score from those distances, he would find it easier to dish out passes.
  2. Tarkanian

    Fall 2018 General Conference Thread

    This. Any Church is supposed to mean well but deeds have to follow in a realistic fashion. If you ask children (CHILDREN!) about their sexual orientation and pornography, I'd say, you create a huge feeling of guilt, which might be just too much a burden to carry. Hence the increasing suicide...
  3. Tarkanian

    Account Deactivation Prevention Thread

    I have PM'ed an admin and requested the deactivation of my account. This is the public version of the same request. Please deactivate my account, bros. Thank you for everything. best regards Tark
  4. Tarkanian

    OKC Kanter: 15.8/10.2/2.2 FG 57%

    why are all these Kanter threads coming up? He is not a Jazzman anymore. BTW, This trade was a classic example of those win-win trades. Good for both parties. Kanter is doing fine in a sound bball environment and so do Jazz. so? Good riddance!
  5. Tarkanian

    Account Deactivation Prevention Thread

    deactivation of account, is that even possible without an admin's interference?
  6. Tarkanian

    Gamethread: Jazz v Lakers. 7pm MST.

    Lakers are terrible and Jazz are not "good".
  7. Tarkanian

    Was Kanter a Cancer?

    some posts are plain ridiculous. First, Kanter was and is a gym rat. Second, he was not a cancer. maybe he wasn't the best teammate ever, but never publicly ridiculed another Jazzman like some other guys did, which was backed by certain brainless residents of this forum. He is a disappointment...
  8. Tarkanian

    Turkish Posters Appreciation Thread

    Let's bury the hatchet for some time, shall we? Turks have had a sizeable existence on the Jazfanz fora for some time and this is the very first time since 2004, that Jazz organization is Turk-less.
  9. Tarkanian

    How you become a Jazz fan?

    Stockton Malone Jerry
  10. Tarkanian

    Friday Jazz VS Blazers 7pm MT

    Novak with a huge block and a 360 dunk! sweet!
  11. Tarkanian

    RIP Jerry Tarkanian

    rest in peace Tark.
  12. Tarkanian

    Trade Proposal: Kanter to LAC

    Kanter is worthless. Noone gives two 1st round picks for him!
  13. Tarkanian

    Jazz against Memphis 29 minutes away

    choke-a-dile dante
  14. Tarkanian

    Jazz against Memphis 29 minutes away

    MG: "then, I have heard, Rudy comes in and destroys everybody in the paint". ZR: "OMG, we are so screwed!". MG: "yeah dude".
  15. Tarkanian

    Pick a center...

    all my votes are belong to Memo