2021 Draft Homer Official List

Saint Cy of JFC

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It's that time of the year again. Pick a prospect you will outperform expectations the most (or whoever you like more compared to relative consensus). You can pick Cade Cunningham if you want, but you'll be lame.

*You can change picks at anytime before the draft starts*

  • Aaron Henry
    • Xthren
  • Ayo Dosunmu
    • Jazzman12
  • Being a Complete Jackass
    • DasJazz
  • Bones Hyland
    • Stormkoopacv03
  • Jared Butler
    • Handlogten's Heros
  • Josh Primo
    • Lopo
    • Wesmantooth
  • Josh Christopher
    • Saint Cy of JFC
  • Usman Garuba
    • Eminence
  • Vrenz Bleijenbergh
    • Ferguson_Mellochil
  • Ziare Williams
    • Hekate
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Are they similar? I dont think so....
I think they have a lot of similarities. Bane worked more on ball in college than at Memphis where he is more of just a two guard... at least for now. I think he has good potential as a part time creator.

Box are proven big 12 guards that shoot the **** out of the ball. Both are lauded for their bball IQ and leadership personality traits... both guys also have limitations because of size and athleticism (Bane less so... just he isn't some explosive vertical athlete)... both guys get dinged for wingspan being like a +1 or even.

Butler has a better handle... Bane is more athletic. Both are guys that are almost surefire NBA players but might have a lower ceiling. Butler is more of a pg, but his rookie season likely looks a lot like Bane's unless he lands in a situation that sucks and he gets a lot of ball handling duties.

I think Butler is the better prospect and will go higher than Bane did... unless the medicals are too scary.


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I like Garuba, but there's almost no shot the Jazz will get him.
I'll go with Vrenz. I think if he gets on an NBA conditioning program, he can have a 2-way impact.


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Last year I showed what I know (nothing) and chose Isaac Okoro. I'll put a hex on Jeremiah Earl-Robinson this year.

(Couldn't quite figure out who the coach is with few defensive demands that will let Sandro Mamukelasvili play enough for him to blossom into the Nikola Jokic/Ben Simmons point-center hybrid I have conjured up for him on offense in my mind.)
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