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2021 Free Agency


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Some random thoughts:

- I don't see the fascination with Paschall. Doesn't rebound or play defense particularly well. Good at mid-range shooting, but we probably don't need more of that now. I'd just as soon keep Morgan as the "break glass in case of emergency" backup PF/small-ball C.

- Forrest has done enough to get a full roster spot. Between him and Butler, hopefully, we have our needs at backup PG/defensive guard covered. We won't have a "stopper," but at least we'll have someone who Quin may trust on both ends of the floor to present a different look for five minutes when Jamal Murray goes off against us in the playoffs.

- I'd probably plan on keeping Hughes, for now anyway. I'm less committed to Oni and Brantley at this point. Their defense is OK, but may not be worth waiting for the offensive effectiveness to come around. Perhaps better to look for a replacement, someone whose defense is perhaps better and has fewer limitations on offense.

- I'd probably lean toward Winslow as a replacement preference, though I could be perfectly happy with Exum or Frankie N. While they all have severe shooting limitations, they at least seem to feel the NBA game's speed/athleticism to better function within an NBA offense than Oni and Brantley. They'd all be reclamation projects, and I wouldn't expect any of them to succeed, but at least I'd have a glimmer of hope. Winslow could be yet another D-Wade influenced move and he'd probably be the best of the bunch at guarding anyone 2-4 (though maybe his injuries have made him simply unable to defend effectively anymore?).

-Ennis would be a safe, servicable alternative for a final roster spot that addresses defense on the wing. He'd likely be better than other options offensively (but lacks the playmaking of the three above), though I think he's neither particularly athletic any more nor all that special at defense.


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I'd be pretty pissed if we used Doke to get Paschalle. Actually I'd be mad if we gave up anything but a late second. Not sure what his NBA skill is long term that the Jazz have a need of.


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Here's how I would put the priority:

1. Stanley
2. Winslow
3. Brantley
4. Oni
5. Frank/Exum

In any case, I'd rather go upside than a vet like Ennis or Miller