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2023 all time jazz draft round one match team A vs. team F

Who would win a 7 game series team A or Team F?

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Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Who would win a seven game playoff series?

Voters will judge players based on their peak prime regardless of what team they played for at that time as long as they played at least 10 games for the jazz at any time.

Team A
Antoine Carr // Hassan Whiteside
Karl Malone // Paul Millsap
Donyell Marshal
Joe Johnson
George Hill // Mark Jackson


Team F
Mark Eaton // Al Jefferson
Carlos Boozer
Joe Ingles // Bryon Russell
Darrell Griffith // John Starks
Deron Williams

Team A writeup.

Point Guard: George Hill
Shooting Guard: Joe Johnson
Small Forward: Donyell Marshall
Power Forward: Karl Malone
Center: Antoine Carr

Guard: Mark Jackson
Forward: Paul Millsap
Center: Hassan Whiteside

George Hill 32 Mark Jackson 16
Joe Johnson 32 Mark Jackson 16
Donyell Marshall 32 Paul Millsap 16
Karl Malone 32 Paul Millsap 16
Antoine Carr 32 Hassan Whiteside 16

The GM of Team F has put together a quality team, but I believe it will be vanquished quickly. Carlos Boozer is not going to be able to guard Karl Malone. My reserve Paul Millsap will likewise exploit Boozer’s defensive deficiencies. At the shooting guard position, Joe Johnson is a much better all around player (multiple years an all-star) than Darrell Griffith (never an all-star). Mark Eaton provides little offense for Team F as a starting center and in contrast, my center, Antoine Carr, had the intelligence, mid-range shooting, and toughness to complement Malone and frustrate Eaton. I concede that at the point, Deron Williams has the advantage over George Hill, but that’s not enough to offset the general situation.

Team F writeup none.