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2023 NBA Playoffs Discussion Thread

The owner caught the ball and then reached to help the player up. It is not like he ran over and grabbed the ball and tried to play keep away. This was on Jock Itch for being an idiot.

This is the right move from him... even though I don't think a suspension was coming. He grabbed at Jokic as he was grabbing the ball... go ahead and let the player take the ball there.

And to all those asking why he would grab it... a suns player was in the first row and the refs don't always wait for those guys to be ready (they should) before allowing the player to take it out. Guys do it all the time. Jokic had multiple "fans" putting hands on him and the owner flopped with CP like flair. Just move on and tell both parties to do better.
@Handlogten's Heros Vangundy just said that during regular season Laker forced most overall fouls and committed least amount of fouls and Warriors committed most fouls and forced the least overall.
When they don’t get a great whistle… they aren’t all that. The ft disparity makes sense in this series… the issue is look at ft diff from start of the season until the game on New Years Day where Lebron threw the dramatic baby fit and the league refs association offered a cheesy apology… then magically their FT diff went to levels really never seen that I could find… I guess it’s just a coincidence.
Lonnie Walker leading the Lakers with 15 4th quarter points...just like everyone predicted.
Haha Green is throwing the series on purpose. Two passes this game throwing to no one. I would look into this if I’m Golden state. ****ing bitch.