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2023 NBA Playoffs Discussion Thread

Hahaha.. Jokic winking at the camera when it was panning to him & Murray sitting on the bench as this game ends kills me.
Regular season has been a joke for a while now so it's only appropriate that the awards follow.

The reality is, it goes like this:

1. Jokić
2. Butler
Everyone else.
LOL .. did anyone else see Tatum talking to Donovan (in a weird shade & hat getup, to hid his appearance?) courtside after the game?

What was he doing there? Any what's with the weird getup? What was he trying to hide?

They also showed him in the stands during the game.
He's jumping ship right now. Straight into the conference finals with Denver.
Second reference in less than 24 hours.

Also the Gobert Wolves played the Nuggs better than the Suns did.
I would call them the Ant wolves. Gobert was kind of a role player this year rather than a team leader you would name a team after. Didn't come close to DPOY or all star or all nba or whatever. But ya, they looked just as bad against the nuggets as the suns. I agree with you there.