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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

I value Castle at 10 or we can do some sort of trade back shenanigans for some unknown/undervalued prospect. Trade back to OKC to lift protections so trader Danny has a full deck of trade options for big game hunting this summer.

Personally I would trade back to OKC to convey (I like certainty) and select Salaun. And then find a way to get the Laker or Sun's pick in this draft (select A.J. Johnson) and trade the remaining picks for something of value.
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Time for us to look into Tidjane Salaun a bit more I think.

He's long and high energy. If he can develop his handle that unlocks him as a driver somewhat, but I don't think he's shown much of that. His shooting percentages out on the floor are weird right now. I think he's a project. I have a hard time seeing him as a top 10 guy.
The Jazz badly need someone who can create an advantage with the ball. Isaiah Collier isn't my favorite style of guard, but I think he probably enters the discussion at this point.