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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

Justin Edwards shooting 2/14 from 3pt through 4 games this season (18%). He's having a slow start at the very least.
Jazz don't look like they'll finish with a bottom-5 record. Detroit, Washington, Charlotte, Portland, Memphis and San Antonio seem committed to being worse than us. Chicago may be blowing up soon as well. Jazz could be looking at a pick in the 7-9 range. We're picking up right where we left off last season. Dual, Risarcher and Walter look like early good picks in that range.
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When I first saw Reed Sheppard I thought "Oh wow good for UK, they got a dude who is going to be a nice 4 year player"

Now I think he might be a lottery pick. Him and Dillingham are very fun to watch together.
They need to start starting him. He's outplaying Ron Holland to a ridiculous degree.
Seems like an average athlete but seems long and the jumper is wet. I think we end up in the 6-8 range and I hope guys like this don’t get hyped to top 4.
I think an argument can be made that Tyler Smith is fairly comparable as a prospect to Jabari Smith a couple years back, at least on the offensive side. Not sure if Tyler has the same defensive upside, but he looks legit big. I'd believe he's 6'10" in shoes. The shooting stroke looks comfortable and the NBA range is there. He can finish inside too.