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2nd round thoughts


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Who do you guys like around our spot in the 2nd round?

I like the look of Tim Ohlbrecht (6'11, 235 PF). The biggest problem with him is that hes in Germany and could easily not be brought over which I think would be a mistake by whoever picks him.

Also what do you guys think of Jon Scheyer, Sherron Collins and Alexey Shved? The first two real quality college players who are unlikely to have as much success in the pros, how good do you think they could be? Shved is an interesting one, 6'6 combo guard with big potential but a little light do you think he'll make it in the NBA if he every makes it over?

Matt Bouldin, although the draft's 3rd tier is so deep that someone better may slide (Parakhouski?).
Brian Zoubek. We need a dirty, mean, sonofabitch in the middle who will put Kobe on his ***.

Plus, he might bring his girlfriend (?) along.

I like Charles Garcia, Dexter Pittman or Lazar Hayward. if you trade up, I say get Lance Stephenson, Craig brackins, Jarvis Varnado or Quicny Pondexter or Gani Lawal
I forgot about DaShaun Butler, who was a beast but got hurt the last game or he would have been a first rounder
Jerome Randle, he'd be a 1st rounder if he wasn't so small. He's projected by Draft Express to go one spot ahead of us in the 2nd round
Pittman. He's a beast and has some of the best upside and athleticism in this draft. Yes, I know his body fat is 20%. That's light years from where it was and makes me even more impressed considering the athleticism and quickness I saw from him this year.

Of course, he could pull an Ollie Miller and go all Private Snowball on us. But I'd bet on the former. He doesn't have that sluggish, down on his luck body language like Mr. Cousins.