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All Star Weekend Thread


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I understand why we're campaigning for Beas to get into the 3pt contest, but to say he's been "so good" from the perimeter for the Jazz this season (like Holly does in the video) is a load of bull. He's at 36%, way under his career average and worse than the current league average for shooting guards.

Yet, he's hoisting a career high 8.5 threes per game. Beasley has been resembling a chucker this season more than ever.

He has definitely been in a month-long slump, I personally thinks he'll get hot again and finish higher rate but players should be judged by what they've contributed in the season at hand.

He is still 8th in the league in made 3's per game, 9th in the league in 3's attempted per game, and being a player for the team hosting always gives you a boost. Markkanen is actually 10th in the league in makes per game, shooting a blistering 43%, and should already be in the area for the weekend so on paper he makes a lot of sense.