Any interest in Dragan Bender next summer?


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By my eye he looks like a guy that would benefit from being a system player. He just seemed lost in Phoenix's offense to me. Almost excluded.

But, I think he could do well in Utah. He's got great size for a PF and was hitting 36 percent of his 3s last year on a health number of attempts.

Definitely a risky/flyer type of play, but if all the blue chip players shun us, I wouldn't mind giving him a try on a limited risk sort of deal.


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Doesn't seem like Jazz material. He's a 7'1" player that can't rebound or block a shot. That screams low toughness, work ethic.


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If any player is not a firm fit in our defensive identity then it's a hard no.

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Maybe... he’s young but he’s still a couple years away. The idea of him is intriguing but then you watch him play and you forget what was intriguing.

I’m not sure he likes basketball.