Any interest in Dragan Bender next summer?


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Justin Patton looks like he could be a good backup big. He can shoot with some range. For some reason the T'wolves aren't picking up his option. He was in the same draft as Mitchell.

i like patton more then bradley. wolves are just a poorly run team


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that "cheap" deal for Niko (who expires this year) woulda cost us Cobra Kai. FYI.
I’ve come around a lot on Allen, but his skillset is superfluous given our glaring need for an all-situations stretchy, productive 4. This cobbled-together solution for the position is functional, but it’s the glaring hole in this team’s roster composition, especially considering that the team lacks reliable gravimetric players on offense outside of Mitchell.


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While we are talking about it. The Salary Cap for 2019-20 will be $109 million (up $7 million from this year). The luxury tax will be $134 million (up $8 million from this year).

For 2019-20, we have the following contracts:
Gobert $25
Favors $16.9 (team option)
Ingles $12
Exum $9.6
Crowder $7.8
Mitchell $3.6
Allen $2.5
Bradley $2
Neto $2 (team option)
Niang $1.6 (team option)
O'Neale $1.6 (team option)
Draft pick cap hold $2
TOTAL: $87 million
Rubio has a cap hold of $22.5 million until we either renounce him or re-sign him.

So we will have zero cap space ($87+Rubio's $22.5 cap hold) if we bring back Neto and Favors and while we wait to re-sign Rubio. Even if we renounce Thabo, Udoh and Burks, we are at $109ish already.

If we let Favors and Neto go, we are at $68 million plus Rubio's cap hold. Let's just say we re-sign Rubio to the same money he makes now ($15), we would have almost $26 million to spend. A max contract offer next summer for a player with 6 or less years experience will start at $27.25 million (

So if we let Rubio go OR sign him for $13 or less, we would have the max contract money available to make a run at any NBA unrestricted free agent who has 6 or less years of service. Middleton is currently in his 7th year...
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