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Game Thread Apr 05, 2024 08:30PM MT: Jazz at Clippers

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Clips need this one to keep home court against the Mavs.

The next one against them they will probably be locked in to their position.

This should be an easy loss.

Kessler playing or not?

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Kessler is out according to Yahoo fantasy, and Collins too, so... Yurt7 will play 48 minutes?
This team would be more watchable if there was at least defense..... we can't even get defense for the first minute of the game
I hate to break it to boler but if I had a kidney transplant, I could give 2 ***** if the Jazz are playing the clippers tonight
Unless I'm getting the max, I'm on the first bus out if I'm Lauri. This is literally crap and unwatchable. We've done about 6 or 7 of these stupid *** hook shots in the paint and missed them all.

I've watched the Jazz for over 30 years and this quarter has been the worst basketball I've seen in a very long time
Bazely came walking onto the court and I said "who the **** is that?"

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People thought we might win this one lol.
On the road. Against a really good team. While we are losing all the games.

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Idc about Yurtseven or Shamanic. Play Lofton, we need someone out there that can get points on the board.

It kills me how this guy put up 42 points last year in a game, and he still can't get on the floor.