Game Thread Apr 17, 2021 02:30PM MT: Jazz at Lakers

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Release the Kraken

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This game is a good example of where big market coat tail riders like Drummond tip the scale in their favor. A quality starting center earning 800k, we have Juwan Morgan at nearly double the pay, 1.5m. The playing field is not level.
You said it brother!!! And why the NBA is still a cut-rate sports league.


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On the waiver wire today is Mo Wagner by the Celtics after they signed Jabari Parker. He is 6'10" and was a late first round pick in 2018. If Dok ain't coming back this year why not take a flier on this guy? He has a 30 point 15 board game in the Association. It's apparent they think Hughes is garbage and if we need to rest Rudy and Favs coming down the stretch, this kid could give us another big body.