At Least 5 More Years Of Gay Love In Memphis

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The Memphis Grizzlies have stepped up with a big offer to keep Rudy Gay away from the Minnesota Timberwolves, New Jersey Nets and other interested teams.Sources close to the situation told that the Grizzlies have offered Gay a five-year contract worth just over $80 million and that Gay has verbally accepted the deal.
"It's as close as you could get," one source said. "The deal will be consummated."
The deal will pay Gay more than $13 million starting next season, with annual raises of 10.5 percent, a definite upgrade over the five-year, $50 million offer he turned down last season.
Another source said Gay is canceling scheduled meetings, such as Thursday night's planned visit to Minnesota, which all but confirms that the restricted free agent is staying in Memphis.
A deal cannot be formally signed until July 8 -- which is the first day that players and teams can execute new contracts -- but sources said Gay and the Grizzlies quickly came to terms within the first 12 hours of free agency.
Although Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley has vowed for weeks to match any offer sheet Gay receives, that did little to dim the expectation around the league that Memphis would ultimately lose him, with Minnesota, New Jersey and the Los Angeles Clippers among the interested.
But once the Grizzlies nudged their contract presentation past the $80 million mark, outside bidders couldn't top them, even with a front-loaded offer sheet.
Gay averaged 19.6 points on 46 percent shooting along with 5.9 rebounds last season and was widely regarded as one of this summer's 10 most coveted free agents.
So that Brewer trade is looking better as this should keep the Grizz more competitive.

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Some new slogans.

Memphis Grizzlies...
Taking Gay to the max!

Memphis Grizzlies...
The maximum amount of Gay.


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And this is why the Grizzlies have never won a playoff game...

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You know, I really have to stop looking at the dollar figures because every contract I've seen thus far has looked like a terrible one to me. I clearly have no grasp of the NBA market. I'm just going to make the player to team connection from now on. Memphis signs Rudy Gay - good deal. They should want Rudy Gay.

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Another insane contract in this offseason, but this is probably good for Jazz draft pick.Now, Grizzlies could take 8th spot in the West...

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Another insane contract in this offseason, but this is probably good for Jazz draft pick.Now, Grizzlies could take 8th spot in the West...
Grizzlies were in contention for a playoff spot until the last few weeks. There should be a bunch of teams in the WC - again - fighting for those 6th-8th spots. And maybe that even includes the Jazz if we start off the season with Fes and Koufos in the post and Okur in a suit behind the bench. The Grizz can move up. Houston will be improved. The Clippers essentially added two top-8 picks with Griifin coming back. The Kings added Cousins. I know there's still trades and FA's to sign, but IMO, out of the 15 WC teams, only 3 probably have no shot at the playoffs: Minnesota, Golden State and New Orleans. All the rest are capable of finishing over .500. And with so many good teams, I don't think it will take 50 wins to make the playoffs.
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