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Best shows on TV?

A-Train (old)

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What are some shows that you guys recommend that are worth watching? All I usually watch is Counting Cars, American Restoration, Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn etc. my two favorites though are Duck Dynasty and Shipping Wars.

Dexter, Breaking Bad (holy crap is this next 1/2 season going to be good), Thrones is good but over-rated, the Mrs. and I have gotten hooked on Falling Skies, of course TWD.

I never could get into Duck Dynasty. Made me think of like weird redneck porn or something. Idk, EJ knows way more about that than anybody on this forum.

Almost forgot, we have also really enjoyed Being Human. I know the whole vampire/werewolf schtick is getting old, but that one has something to it that is very watchable. Worth checking out.
Homeland, Dexter, GoT, Through the Wormhole, Wicked Tuna, Curb Your Enthusiasm..... I like a lot of stuff.
The newest season of Arrested Development hasn't been half bad, but it is only on Netflix, so probably doesn't qualify.
My favorites are The Mentalist, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette... but you guys already knew that. It's a pity Southland stopped, I liked that too...
I watch Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad I like it.

Shows I hear are good : The Wire, Mad Men, Dexter, 6 feet under, the Sopranos

Honestly my favorite show on tv is Avatar the Last Airbender (along with its ongoing sequel series)... a cartoon.