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Best shows on TV?

Anyone been watching Under The Dome? It has been interesting thus far but I can see it running out of steam quickly. It really should have been just a mini series.


I am intrigued by the show and will find some way to watch it even though we don't have TV per se *coughtorrentcough*, but I thought the book was just kind of meh and can't see this being dragged out to be a real true series even if for just 3 or 4 seasons. A 3-5 part mini-series? Sure. 50+ episodes? Does not compute. But hey, I will give it a shot. It was an interesting concept.
Big Bang Theory! Have you people been living under a rock... how has this not been mentioned??? lol

I hate that show..... its very popular though and I tried to like it, but I ****in hated it
The newest season of Arrested Development hasn't been half bad, but it is only on Netflix, so probably doesn't qualify.

Wow, I didn't realize that had started yet. For some reason I still thought it was a month or two away. Thanks for mentioning it.
What are some shows that you guys recommend that are worth watching? All I usually watch is Counting Cars, American Restoration, Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn etc. my two favorites though are Duck Dynasty and Shipping Wars.

Fav reality show right now: Top Shot
Really surprised nobody here is a fan of The Mentalist.... hmmm...

It's alright. Too many filler episodes these days along with some ridiculousness in the storyline. Patrick isn't quite as witty as he used to be either. That makes it drag sometimes.
Check out "Wilfred"

I put off watching it for a year but watched seasons 1 and 2 last week. Really funny show.
Mad Men
Breaking Bad
Walking Dead
The Good Wife
Pawn Stars
Shark Tank
Arrested Development
Seinfeld reruns
Big Bang Theory! Have you people been living under a rock... how has this not been mentioned??? lol

the characters are not consitent.
in one episode shelodn says he does not like windows 7. because it is user friendly.
yet we then see him walking around wtih apple iphone and ipad.
that is just 1 inconsitency


Ok, you have to start with season 1 and watch straight through. The episodes are like 15 minutes each or something. May well be the funniest thing I have seen related to a TV show.