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"Better Call Saul" Premiere This Sunday!


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it's amazing how each episode gets better than better.

Amazing season so far.

Will be interesting to see what Chuck will do. He will do some nasty thing to **** up jimmy's career. and..... first glimpse of saul goodman?


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Holy **** that was a powerful episode. Best of the series so far and right up there with the best in the BB series too. Those performances from Chuck and Jimmy were incredible.

(fingers in ears) I was at a Jazz game and haven't watched yet :)


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Agreed. I like Better Call Saul every bit as much as I liked Breaking Bad.
I am not quite there, but it is really good. I think it is still a tier below Breaking Bad, but a solid show. They are trying hard to avoid creating inconsistencies between the franchises and that is good. They also do a good job of not falling for the whole "oh so that is where he got that one shoe from" kind of **** that pulls you out of the story more than it connects to the other story. They let the characters do that, and that is what matters.


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One thing’s for sure. Re-watching Breaking Bad after Better Call Saul feels so good, makes me respect these guys. Such a well planned universe. Even the actors are the same. Amazing.