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Better than Dexler, Olajuwon & Barkley? Garnett, Pierce & Allen?


Acccording to this guy, yeah. Karl, John, & Horny were the best trio in the NBA in the last 20 years, except for Jordan, Pippen & Rodman.

You know it's trustworthy when it's written by Mike B., correspondent.

As much as I have soured on Garnett, Pierce, and Allen, they have the ring and Malone, Stockton, and Hornacek do not. Maybe the competition was less, but the sum of each three may end up in their favor. Maybe I just undervalue Hornacek too much.
No list like this is complete without a mention of the incomparable trio of Dick Bavetta, Hue Hollins, and Danny Crawford.
Did people really refer to Billy Owens as "The next Magic Johnson?"

If people thought that was true why did he get selected after Grandmama and Kenny Anderson?