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College Football - Who Are You Watching?

Thought they had a chance to make a statement on that first drive but a bad play call on 4th down and than Oregon takes over from there.
Yep. I liked going for it but what a horrible play call. Really probably doesn't matter anyway. Defense did nothing all game long. No running game whatsoever and BYU best offensive player sitting on the sidelines.
Really sucks that Puka Nacua was a game time decision and was held out so now he will be ready for........... Wyoming. Same with byu best defensive lineman Batty (though being byu best d lineman doesn't mean you are good as that is by far their worst position group)
Bad day for the Utah ranked teams. I'm left feeling wrung out and demoralized. It's only sports, so that's dumb.

So on a positive note, my alma maters Utah State and Weber State won. I feel a bit better. Should have watched their games.

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It is amazing how soft BYU is. That run on 4th and 1 with the game on the line? Katoa practically tiptoed to the line of scrimmage.
It is amazing how soft BYU is. That run on 4th and 1 with the game on the line? Katoa practically tiptoed to the line of scrimmage.
Stupid play call. Notre dame was obviously selling out to stop the run. Should have put the ball in Jaren Halls hands in that crucial moment.
Utah with an amazing upset over USC. I love the balls from Whittingham to go for 2 there.

Kincaid is a ****ing beast. He’s a projected second round pick right now but man he has first round talent.

The Utes beating USC was pretty sweet

And that Tennessee v Bama game was a classic.

Feel bad for anyone who has wasted time watching BYU these last two weeks. That defense is pathetic.
BYU v Liberty - that was a waste of time. Not BYU's year.

Proof that God is an evangelical? I'm an atheist, so rhetorical question.

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Wasn’t able to watch the utes game last night then forgot about it. I looked at the box score and see that Rising didn’t play. Anyone know why?
The utes trib writer said he was walking with a limp after the USC game. But man that **** was kept secret like nuclear codes or something. no one was reporting it before the game.
I hope Kincaid is okay but it didnt look good. He was in quite a bit of pain. After losing Kuithe, losing Kincaid would be a devestating loss.

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Can someone help me understand why the utes need Washington to beat WSU to play for the PAC12 chip. Wash. Has less losses if Wash wins they are 10-2 in the conference to Utah’s 9-3. WSU already has 4 losses.

Someone please break this down for me!!
I may be missing something, but the Utes are in the PAC 12 Championship why exactly?
4 things had to happen and they all did. It was like hitting on a parlay and the Utes are collecting it in Vegas. Oregon State beating Oregon being the most unlikely of them. The Beavers QB completed 6 total passes with 2 INT's. Oregon went 0 for 5 on 4th downs, I think thats how they lost to Washington too, they went for it on 4th down and didnt get it.