Combine any two players on our roster to make us a contender


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You can't really use numbers from before their rookie seasons as the end all to an argument. Also those aren't with a ball or in NBA situations.

That being said, what makes Exum so fast is stride length/quickness combo. He can cover 10 feet of court from a stopped position as fast as anyone. Exums really bounds when he runs and Mitchell takes shorter/choppier steps.
All of this.
One of my pet peeves is when MVP talks about how X isn't fast cause combine numbers. Good point about running combine drills without a basketball. It might make sense to have them do one drill with a basketball and one without to help measure in game speed more accurately. Idk. I dont really put much stock into nba combine numbers.


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Blowing by is acceleration/ first step, not speed/ top gear. I told you Dante has a better first step. Keep up.

And you are wrong, spida does blow by people.

Spida does it with more change of speed, euros, hesitation, spins, etc. Dante takes a straight line to the basket.
Exactly he needs the euro to get by people and change of speeds. His top speed is nowhere near Dante top speed.


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You can't really use numbers from before their rookie seasons as the end all to an argument. Also those aren't with a ball or in NBA situations..

I’m just refuting the assertion that Donovan is not fast. It is not that difficult an argument to make.

And I don’t think Donovan has slowed down much in the last 2 years.

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I wouldn’t mix Exum with anyone for fear of them being now made of glass and injury prone.

Ingles is perfect. You don’t mix perfect with non-perfect and dilute perfection.

So I’d want to take a good but flawed guy and mix them with something... I’m going to take Favs and mix in Korver. Keep our big defensive lineup and all around good dude. He can finish at the rim and rebound but also shoot threes like a Mfer. I was going to mix Ricky with Korver but they still wouldn’t finish at the rim.

Maybe mix Ricky and Favs so that DL has to replace one of them.

Maybe mixing Crowder with Allen could be fun... would be the biggest agitator in the nba but would shoot 30% from 3 still.

Could mix Bradley and Cavanaugh to make the stars a contender.

Maybe just give Rudy Kyles shot... that might be enough right there... DM would have so many lane if you had to worry about pick and pop Rudy and pick and rim run Rudy.

Fun exercise.


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I’d also like to mix @LoPo love of trade machine and @infection love of Niko... could have a million different trade scenarios but the all end with Niko coming to us.
Excellent. And then as soon as we get Niko, I mix him with Udoh and have our third star, a championship, and another guy who will get a statue and his number retired.