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Game Thread Dec 17, 2022 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Bucks

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Im hoping the jazz learned something in the games versus the pelicans. Sorry Vando but his minutes should be cut against giannis and Kesslers minutes should go way up. Build that wall of 7 footers for giannis to have to get through to score in the paint. Worked well against Zion and Giannis seems to have a similar style of game. Not shooting from outside much (though giannis is better and more willing) and love to dribble into the paint and finish using freakish size and athleticism. This should be a big minutes game from Kessler.
Please Hardy dont put KO on Giannis.... please..

Regardless, this is an interesting game. Dont know how Bucks respond to being so badly routed by Memphis. Grizzlies scored 86 points in the paint in that game.
As much as I don't want to admit it I think this is realistically a likely L. What I really want to see is a super competitive Jazz. Anything above that is happy days.
Nobody should be lulled into a false sense of security by the Bucks performance in Memphis night before last. This is definitely one of the top three or four teams in the NBA and they may well be the dirtiest as well. I pray that Portis doesn’t pull something against Lauri like he did against Hayward last season. He could detach your retina and laugh about it. (Judging by the scratches on Olynyk last game NBA needs to implement a manicure protocol anyway.) Anyway, it’s one game against a powerhouse team after a stinger in Memphis, I can accept a loss, just don’t need anymore injuries.
Teams sitting out their stars for whatever reason just that coach H. does not get some matchup tape from these games. Does bode well for the championship how afraid these teams are starting to be.
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Giannis having a puss-itis flare up as Walker comes to town is a little dubious… Zion prolly tested him and was like “bruh just take the night off… it ain’t worth it… he big and sexy AF not sure I’ll ever feel as confident in my manhood as I once did”
If you’re looking to kill some time I recommend listening to latest episode The Mis-Match pod with Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor. In the first 30 minutes we get a lot of love and so does Kessler.