Derek Chauvin Murder Trial

Saint Cy of JFC

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Calling cops the scum of the earth. I get that there's an emotional reaction to watching instances where they abuse their power and abuse citizens, but I don't think it's helpful to make a blanket statement about them all being the scum of the earth.
They should stop being the scum of the Earth then. It's on them.

Saint Cy of JFC

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I think this goes too far.

Police definitely have a role in our society. Sadly, their role is oversized, overpowered, over worshipped, and usually completely unaccountable. We have a law enforcement system that incentivizes racial profiling. We have a system that uses standards too low for police officers while giving them too much power. We have a military industrial complex that likes to sell weapons of war to police units. We have two political parties that have historically not wanted to check the power of the police and their unions. We have prosecutors who don't want to hurt relations with people they work with. We have a judicial system that encourages mass incarceration and relies on the police to feed it (and it's usually fed with poor people of color). We have a media that has embraced this noble "warrior mentality" of police cracking down on (usually black) drug distributors and gang members. We have the police handling issues far beyond their expertise (why are police responding to an unarmed autistic boy in SLC?).

There are some scumbags in law enforcement because the system attracts those types and keeps those types empowered. There are some who are good people trying to serve their communities.

But the main issue is the system. The American law enforcement and imprisonment system is one of the worst in the industrialized world and desperately needs to be reformed.
Sure, there is a role for policing, but the kind of person who is attracted to the job as it's presented by the USA are the scummiest people on earth.

The job needs to be radically changed so it stops attracting the kind of person who is there just to live out their ****ed up fantasies.