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Did you know this about Malik Beasley?


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This was the reason some Lakers fans kept joking (or maybe not joking?) that Beasley couldn't be in a Westbrook trade (Scottie Pippen Jr. is on a two-way contract with Lakers).


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i like my players to have solid morals, but i don't demand it. i just won't put them into my 'heroes' circle. as long as he doesn't ruin chemistry and plays up to his contract, no biggie.


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wtf is wrong with these people? Michael Jordan's son can literally court any normal woman and instead he chooses his dads ex team-mates wife who has been ran through by the entire NBA and nearly 20yrs his elder. I'd get it if these idiots were struggling for $$$ but they clearly aren't. Milk Beasley as well, an absolute moron, didn't he also get caught with a gun? not the brightest guy, just needs to play good basketball though.


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I hope he and his wife and their kids have a happy long life together. Hope he has learned from his mistakes.

But I personally wouldn't trust him.

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