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I'm starting to wish we picked up his player option. He is looking solid in his limited minutes and guards love playing with him because he is such easy lob threat. Hopefully we can re-sign him in the offseason but I have a feeling he could have a few suitors that give him a better opportunity for consistent minutes.

Backup centers are a dime a dozen...it's literally the easiest spot to fill on a roster. We can easily find someone better than Dok in the offseason, and it won't cost much either.

Also, falling in love with bigs who literally cannot shoot at all and have no other elite attributes is foolish in this day and age. There's a reason they're dirt cheap. The fact that Dok is a "lob target" means that he camps under the rim and clogs the entire paint. The couple of lobs he gets per game (at best) don't make up for preventing us from running an offense with more movement. He's a predictable guy with a super limited game.

Dok's a 9th man off the bench though, so he's not really a problem. It's the bigger tactical picture I'm more interested in. To start the season we had a lot more smart inside-out movement going on and Lauri was doing damage both under the rim and at the perimeter. He was a matchup nightmare. Lately we've been going back into an "offense" where the guards are just taking turns trying to find 1-on-3 driving lanes from the perimeter and sometimes dumping the ball to a 5 chilling near the basket. Markkanen is standing at the 3pt line and launching flat shots whenever he gets the ball because all 5 oppposing players are inside the arc, cheating off our non-shooters.

Not really the offense we want to see next season.
I think Dok probably has played his way into a new contract in the league, but I'm not particularly worried about him leaving.

Doing my best @homeytennis impression, I read about him on basketball-reference.com, and not sure this is entirely correct, but if it is..
November 20, 2020: Traded by the New York Knicks (as a future 2020 1st round draft pick) with a 2020 2nd round draft pick (Saben Lee was later selected) to the Utah Jazz for Ante Tomic and a 2020 1st round draft pick (Leandro Bolmaro was later selected).

So, Dok was traded not only for Ante Tomic, but both Bolmaro and Saben Lee were in the same trade!
I've always liked Dok, in part because of the hate he gets here because his name isn't McDaniels or Bane, however because of that is likely why he needs to find a fresh start on a new team. I think he could be fine as a 15'ish min off the bench C but he just has that aura or stigma to him that he can't shake here in Utah, well that and his injuries.

Out of all the players on the bench he has generally looked the most disengaged this season, which has been a little disappointing to me but also a little understandable. If the Jazz could keep him for whatever his minimum salary would be, I wouldn't be disappointed but more than likely he would rather sign with another team, like if MIN loses Reid and Garza he could go back to backing up Gobert, or ATL he could back up Capela although I don't think Quin was ever a fan of the Dok pick.