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Donald is about to go through some things...

I genuinely don't get this reference. Was this a jab at @One Brow? Are you insinuating that he's homophobic? Why?
Green text is sarcasm. He didn't mean what he was saying, he was illustrating a position that you can mention a person repeatedly without judging them on their oppressed identities (that those people who mention Soros constantly are necessarily being anti-Semitic in doing so). I don't endorse his position, but I understand the point.

Or are you talking about me? I'm not homophobic. I don't like Peter Thiel because he supports illiberal causes and tries to get sociopaths like this elected. Did you see this ad?
More to the counter-point, you also rail about heterosexual conservatives with equal vehemence.

Green text is sarcasm. He didn't mean what he was saying, he was illustrating a position that you can mention a person repeatedly without judging them on their oppressed identities (that those people who mention Soros constantly are necessarily being anti-Semitic in doing so). I don't endorse his position, but I understand the point.

More to the counter-point, you also rail about heterosexual conservatives with equal vehemence.
My opinions are formed based on the illiberal policies and candidates they support; not on their sexual orientation or race. Meanwhile, Fox News has no problem fanning the flames of anti-semitic conspiracy that we’ve seen since the early 1900s. And Blake Masters was an illiberal sociopath. Did you see his ad and follow his campaign?


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See my post 1,215 on this. Because logically, you’re right about this. If you value honesty and fidelity then how can you excuse this?

Trump gives permission freedom to think and act their worst. People empowered by this don't think negatively that Trump is blackmailing the president of Ukraine, pledging allegiance to Jan 6ers, or paying off porn stars that he's slept with. If anything, it's empowering because he's as rotten as they fantasize. There's power in being free to act your worst.
As I’ve been saying, Trump gives permission for people to behave their worst:

View: https://twitter.com/jonathanvswan/status/1641781177626312710?s=46&t=QT7YFlZ_IlHq81PpZAhKgw

Just got this!

Obvious dog whistle. Let’s step out of our echo chambers and recognize the pretty obvious anti-semitism.

For those unfamiliar, white supremacists have been blaming internationalist (disloyal to any particular country) Jews for bringing (dark) immigrants into our country to replace whites for decades. And for anyone vaguely familiar with Nazi or KKK rhetoric, Jews are always the puppet masters behind corrupt capitalism and/or socialism (whichever is seen as the threat). Inoculate yourself against this rhetoric by being vigilant.


@Bucknutz This reading could be beneficial for you. You’ll easily recognize Trump’s pattern if you spend 5-10 mins reading from the Holocaust’s website about classic anti-semitism. Trump and his deplorable ilk know what he’s doing. They recognize these dog whistles. Now it’s up to normal people to recognize this too. This isn’t about politics, it’s about racism. He’s focusing on the Jewish puppet master who’s using a black prosecutor to prosecute the patriotic and innocent white man. Classic.
Tucker exclusively draws his material from this:

Which shouldn’t be that surprising. His main writer was a well-known white supremacist. It definitely helps to step outside your echo chambers and do some research. Trump’s and Fox’s attacks attacks on Soros are textbook examples of anti-semitism.

View: https://www.npr.org/2020/07/12/890030168/fresh-scrutiny-for-foxs-tucker-carlson-as-top-writer-quits-over-bigoted-posts
Trump is no different than any other “con job
“, grifter, get rich scheme or sales pitch. It’s a cocktail of persuasion, confidence and mixed with human nature.

Dumb people or smart people can be persuaded. Here is a book that talks about this more.

A few points from the book about persuasion:

ReciprocityWe feel obligated to give back to those who first give to us. When someone does us a favor we want to return the favor in some way and silly as it may sound. You look at J6 and you can see that many people wanted to stick up for Trump because he stood up for them. (Their thought process)

View: https://youtu.be/qjHGZAzlIbU

People like to do business with people they like, especially those who are similar to them.

View: https://youtu.be/iXZ_ZmFKdgY

Unity says it’s easier for us to say Yes to people who are of us; those with whom we have a shared identity. This is why talking about a National Divorce is a crazy and terrible idea. There would be divorce after divorce until we were dissolved.

View: https://youtu.be/RU_IJB0jGBo

We feel more comfortable doing what everyone else is doing or doing whatever people just like us are doing.

View: https://youtu.be/QppC_JIQ_0Y

People tend to trust those who are viewed as experts. This reminds me of a Chappelle clip.

View: https://youtu.be/nWfQCDaAa6s


ScarcityPeople want more of what they cannot have or something that’s hard to come by. There is only 1 Trump. Here is a clip from Bill Maher about this:

All these techniques are not just used in Politics but in Business, Relationships or Religion.

Thanks for the effort that post required. Appreciate it…..
This article is AMAZING. One of the funniest reads I have read in a while to describe the GOP/trumper voters.

A New York grand jury’s decision to indict former President Donald Trump has certainly made me like him better.

But I’m not one of those naïve folks who just run off with the first candidate to get charged in connection with an alleged hush money payment to an adult film star. No, before I decide who I’m willing to trust the future of my country to, I need to make sure that person has been REALLY indicted. Hopefully multiple times.

Now that doesn’t mean I’m unfaithful to Trump. Like a number of high-profile Republicans, I’m treating his indictment like it’s the worst thing that has ever happened to America. And I’m wisely doing that before seeing the indictment, the charges themselves and the testimony and other information that convinced a grand jury, made up of regular people doing their civic duty, that a former president should be criminally charged.

Vice President Mike Pence told CNN: “I think the unprecedented indictment of a former president of the United States on a campaign finance issue is an outrage. It appears to millions of Americans to be nothing more than a political prosecution.” Sen. Lindsey Graham said: “From a political point of view, it’s going to solidify Trump’s standing in the Republican Party.” I agree with those thoughts, and there’s definitely no chance we’ll all end up looking bad once the actual evidence against Trump is revealed. That would be ridiculous! (Pardon me a moment, I need to submerge my face in a pie and then wonder why I have pie on my face.)

The measure of how much the indictment increases my support of Trump as a candidate remains to be seen. How many counts are in the indictment? Is it just a couple measly charges, or will he be facing dozens? I don’t want a commander-in-chief who has only been lightly indicted. That could be a sign of weakness, or perhaps an indication he has not done enough to own the libs.

Ron DeSantis has been working overtime to own the libs in his state — fighting with Disney, flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, being mean to teachers — so what if he suddenly gets indicted and it’s a bigger indictment than Trump’s?

Heck, there could be a potential candidate out there we haven’t heard of yet, maybe someone who’s going to be indicted for allegedly paying hush money to TWO adult film stars. If I consider Trump’s indictment a vile political prosecution, I’d have to consider that other theoretical candidate’s double-indictment even worse. That’s just math.

The point is, I’d feel like a real fool if I had already thrown my support behind the former president only to have someone more indicted come along as the clear people’s champion.

That’s basic political common sense.

So while I’m outraged beyond measure at a thing I have no way of fully understanding, and while I wholly support Trump and believe he’s being martyred by socialists, I’m holding out hope that more indictments will come from the numerous other criminal investigations he's facing.

If Trump was to nab an indictment for violating the Espionage Act by hiding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, my support for him would skyrocket.

If the Fulton County district attorney in Georgia indicted him on racketeering charges relating to his alleged efforts to overturn the state’s presidential election results? Well, in my book, that’d be a slam dunk for his candidacy.

Im curious how the GOP/trumpers would vote if suddenly Biden was indicted (or indicated if you are trump lol) for something much worse than trump. Like what if Biden were indicted for raping a minor? That would have to make many voters who were going to vote for trump change their votes to Biden right?
I've never really been proud of the Republican party but this is the most unison and together it has ever been. Possibly the strongest. I mean you guys aren't very bright but your post above openly prove this. Meanwhile were still in a recession, unemployment skyrocketed, inflation is rising, banks are collapsing, democrats are storming capitol buildings, and Democrats idiot president thinks Rolling Stone got hit by a tornado.
Ya GOP voters and Democratic voters are very different. I feel pretty confident that if a democratic nominee was embroiled in as much controversy as trump is then it would lessen his/her chances of winning the nomination instead of helping his/her chances.

I also find it funny that so many in the GOP are like "this a politically motivated which hunt being done by the democrats"
Like are they so stupid that they dont know that trump has been involved in courtrooms since like the 70's? Was the deep state and democrats all after him even back then when he was in fact a democrat? Maybe just maybe trump is a corrupt sob and that is why he has been involved in so much scandal and court cases for the past 50 plus years.

The GOP is very united right now. They all seem to have extreme hate for libs/democrats. I mean they kind of have to. If you dont disagree with and hate everything the left does you will get labeled a RINO and get censured.
And the GOP doesn't seem to have any ideas on how to fix the issues our country is dealing with. Why would they even present those ideas if they had any? I mean if any republican politicians come up with a great idea to combat inflation or banks collapsing or something and they present that idea and it works then that would mean that the country would now be better off than it was. While a democrat is president! Cant have that. More problems right now for the United States of America is seen as beneficial to the GOP by the GOP. They dont want things to improve. Quite the opposite. They want things to be even worse for our country in the hopes that more problems will mean more votes that go to them rather than democrats. And really, thats all that matters.
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But the fact that I cannot understand how anyone could have even fallen for such a con job as Trump pulled, tells me that there has to be something about such people that I actually NEED to understand. And I think that requires diving deep into human nature, and other things beneath the surface.

Trump is no different than any other “con job
“, grifter, get rich scheme or sales pitch. It’s a cocktail of persuasion, confidence and mixed with human nature.
Yeah, I’m thinking the emphasis in what I said was “other things beneath the surface”. I was not aware of the study below, do not know it’s merits, it is recent. But, in general, this is likely where I was going. I’m looking for reasons for different ways of seeing the world in general, that might be there, regardless if I was raised in urban Boston, or rural Texas. I had googled “biological and psychological differences between liberals and conservatives”, and a wealth of returns, because this is nothing new. I have never dived as deeply into this area as I sensed would be fruitful, where fruitful=two sides recognizing their shared humanity/erosion of extreme partisanship.