Donovan and Rudy selected last for all-stars


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Gonna spice up this thread by saying;
The Jazz would certainly not be as large a target for ridicule if it weren't in and named after the state that is the closest thing to a theocracy allowed in this country, beholden to a religion that has staggeringly (and unsurprisingly) low membership among blacks, and with a state population to match. To cap it all off, fair or not, the Jazz fanbase has a reputation as being (particularly) racially insensitive/ignorant/naive.

Sucks the organization and the players have to suffer for that.
Hey we're not insensitive! I have absolutely no problem with the colored's.

(Please note, this post is satire. Thank you.)


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That was a total jealous move by them both

Clearly a whiny way to state that their egos were hurt that some goofy state franchise led by a strange foreign old school center and a no more than a 2nd or 3rd star late lottery prospect sat atop the NBA through the all star break, unadvertedly taking too much attention away from their divine rights as always 5 stars recruits even before college, being on the biggest markets of the league, playing alongside the most lauded stars of the game.