Dont worry be happy. Stay positive. Use the secret.


The Jazz are going to make the playoffs, win the championship, and get GS's pick. It's going to be a great year. But you all have to stay positive. You all keep bringing me down with your cynicism and negativity. You need to be like me and believe in this team.

I got a secret that I should share. I paid a lot for it too. It's called the law if attraction. If you all believe that we won't get the pick then we won't. And if everyone strongly believes we will then we will.

We are going to the playoffs baby. Anyone want to get back on the wagon with me, you can. I'm driving the wagon and have been all year. Don't be ashamed of what you said before.


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I am with you Blues! Let's drive this damn wagon right over the cliff! Vamos!


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It is what it is. If we don't get a pick this year that means another 400 pages of looking at next years picks both ours and gsw. It's all good


Damn your optimism.. Bringing my negativity (that I covet) up a notch. (not really)
I love you PKM. Can I just call you PicKeM. That's the way I say your name in my head. I sent you a friend request. I'm trying to create a circle of trust.


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Sounds like a plan!
No idea how a tie-breaker works regarding draft picks. Warriors and several teams are tied for 7th worst record with 22 wins right now...
I'm focusing all my positive waves on the Jazz winning their next game!

//r00t 4 Jazz

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Do you remember silk the shocker?
I'm not joking when I say, it is weird that yesterday "It Ain't My Fault" popped in my head and I have no idea why. Now it's clear. *would post vid but has swears*

Now if I could figure out how/why the Timbaland & Magoo song "Here We Come" (done to the Spiderman theme song) got stuck in my head.
Great post! It is a universal truth that if you believe strongly that something will happen then it will because the universe will align with the frequency you are sending out.