Game Thread Feb 04, 2021 5:30PM MT: Jazz at Hawks

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Yep, ATL's problem is Trae has the makings of an elite level shooter but has thus far been horrendous in the 4th quarter this year with both shooting and turnovers. Which is weird because he came in the league looking like he had the makings of a clutch go-to guy.

The league has made adjustments and he hasn't figured it out yet.
You have to mention Trae’s defense if you’re going to breathe a word about how his limitations are setting the ceiling of that team.


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Bogdan (their Bogdanavich, not ours) is out too. I'm guessing Atlanta's coach just figured he'd throw in the towel on a b2b, especially after the beating they got last time.

Hopefully this means some burn for the youngins like Oni, Morgan, Shaq, etc.