Game Thread Feb 13, 2021 7:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Heat

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Lol. The media was saying that his Lakers teams was a lot better than last year's championship team. Think of how good the Jazz are playing.


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The one thing I worry about most is if a minimum of 70 games have to be played. I want to say we had one game canceled a while back but I might be wrong. If we play 69 games and go 50-19 and the bet is voided I’ll lose my ****.
That would be total bull ****

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Filed under "the jazz get no respect regardless of our record", according to the recap apparently we have Bogdan Bogdonovic. I had no idea. Pretty cool we have both of the Bogies. We need to play Bogdan more if you ask me. Seems like he's logged hardly any minutes at all for the jazz.

Also the video hyped "GORGEOUS NYANG"