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Following Potential 2022 Draftees

Wes Mantooth

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He was a lottery pick and an import, and I still don't believe his age. These kids have nothing to do with Thon Maker, they have a clean slate.... Thats the whole point... Please just stay out of these threads.. If u want to talk on-topic, fine, I'll tell ya everything I know.. It's all based in MERIT, not Bias, I'm no salesman. Just here planting some seeds for the future.

Y'all already know tho, these threads are gonna come up smelling like roses, it's nothing new for me to call a shot 5 years in advance here... If I drop dead tomorrow I've still got poignant commentary on the draft stashed here for 6 or 7 years..

Wow. If you drop dead, that’s what you’re proud of in your life. You got 13% of your basketball calls, right. That’s more than sad.